Body Image: Not Just About Your Body (TEDx Talk)

“When we talk about negative body image, we’re not just talking about bodies; we’re talking about our history – both cultural and personal- of shame, and fear. We’re talking about the feeling that we have to constantly hide, and distract from, and protect ourselves. We’re talking about the belief that deep down there is something wrong with us, something dark, or bad, or fundamentally broken.”

Body Image: Not Just About Your Body

I am passionate about helping women learn to love their bodies, but loving your body as a woman in our culture isn’t easy, as you know. 

That’s why I created the Body Image Alchemy Blueprint

to help women explore and address the actual blocks that get in the way of truly loving and accepting yourself. If you want to love and accept your body no matter how it looks, but don’t know where to start, this course is for you.

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  • pamela p frost

    i listen to all your videos and you make me believe in myself. I thank you for your videos and emails and i save each one I am also glad to have you as my family. My uncle John and Aunt Susan did good raising you and for you to get into your inner belief.

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  • Jason

    Great Ted talk. I showed it to my friend. We used to go to for spin classes and always talked about this. Thank you Jessi Kneeland.

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  • Eric Leader

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  • Amazing speech Jessi just became a fan of your thinking! Keep up the good work, these things motivate us to spread the awareness of fitness and telling people the value of their perfect biological machinery which is their body.

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