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Jen Sinkler of Thrive As The Fittest has written a masterpiece program on metabolic conditioning. She explains why traditional cardio is outdated, why you don’t have to choose between weights or cardio, and why the best way to get the body you want is to… Lift Weights Faster.

Neghar Fanooni of Eat, Lift & Be Happy has written a gorgeous transformation program, designed to “help you reshape your body, renew your mind, and reclaim your life.” She outlines the 7 basic Lean & Lovely principles to transforming your body and living your most vibrant life in 12 weeks.

Nia Shanks of Lift Like A Girl offers you a complete guide to strength-training for positive and performance-based goals, a strong mind, and greater self-esteem. It’s appropriately called the “Train To Be Awesome Guide.”