Longing for more connection & community?

Me too.

While the internet has connected us in ways we had never previously imagined, people are feeling more socially disconnected and isolated than ever.

Making friends as an adult is hard AF, and forming or finding a nourishing community is even harder, especially for someone who feels insecure, self-conscious, socially awkward or anxious, introverted, out of place, or unsure of what they have to offer.

Social media promises to scratch the connection itch, but then actually makes us feel more isolated as we compulsively (and passively) scroll through other people’s sparkling highlight reels.

Without strong relationships forming the foundation of our lives, we are struggling.

Mental & physical health issues, anxiety & depression, negative self-talk, body image issues, and low self-worth & self-esteem are just a few of the ways we’re impacted by a lack of nourishing social and community connections.

PS: Not convinced that social and community relationships matter all that much? Watch this TED talk on how relationships impact health and life-span. I’ll wait. 😉


Did you catch this one gem of a quote?

“Social isolation is the public health risk of our time. Now, a third of the population says they have two of fewer people to lean on.”


What are the Truth Circles all about?

A crucial supplement to your self-care, these circles (and the community connected to them) are a virtual way to engage in community-care.

Without touching social media (or needing to move to a completely different town or city to meet like-minded people) these circles offer a place to spend time being deeply present with other people engaged in their own personal development.

Through structured intention to be our most authentic and fullest selves, the circles are a place to both feel seen and heard for who you are, and to bear witness to the truth and stories of others, all without one single moment of small talk.

The monthly two hour long video call “circles” are a place to set aside your daily masks, manners, attempts to “fit in,” and habits to control how people see you… and instead share your messy, imperfect, human truth.

We will start the call with some boundaries, expectations, and the Guiding Truth Circle Objectives, as well as an introduction/ice-breaker exercise, before moving on to a short presentation on a pre-chosen topic. After that everyone will get a chance to speak and share their story, thoughts, or experience with the topic while everyone else listens and holds space, and at the end there will be an opportunity for cross-talk and processing. There will be a chance to pair up with another person in the community on an assignment, accountability, or social check-in before the next circle.

One of the basic tenants of this community will be:

Everyone leads. Everyone receives. 

Note: This community will not allow members to hang back and watch without participating— you are a leader in your own life, whether you know it or not, and this is a place for deepest truths. I know it can be very scary to speak up and be heard though, so if that’s your truth than that’s all you need to say. 😉

We will all be there, holding space for your discomfort, your courage, and the higher self you’re stepping into by showing up at all.

What do I get for my Community Care membership?

On top of the monthly truth circles, you’ll receive:

  • A recording of the call emailed to you the next day to download for re-watching or listening.
  • Access to the relevant documents and literature, including the Guiding Truth Circle Objectives as they evolve, suggestions on how to be a leader for connection in your own daily life, and information on the connection and authenticity skills covered in the circles.
  • Access to the private Mighty Networks platform with the other members so that between calls we can all share curated discussions, polls, posts, videos, and Q&As without ever opening Facebook.
  • The option to work with and pair up with other people in the group for projects, personal missions, and social support.
  • Opportunities to lead the circle and offer/share your gifts with the community.
  • Opportunities for IRL meet-ups (down the line).

What does it mean that this is a “beta test”?

As one of my beta-testers, you will will spend three months helping me polish (or even create) the documents, house rules, rituals, and tone of the circles and community; providing feedback on both the truth circles and the Mighty Networks platform. I’m looking for 30 beta-testers who are excited to participate and share feedback so that I can work all the kinks out before opening it to the public.

The ideal candidate has been following my work for a while, is looking for more genuine connection in your life, wants to talk about real stuff, and is willing to keep an open mind as we try building something new together.

All genders are welcome, but if you are a cisgender man considering joining, please send me a message here first so that we can have a conversation and make sure it’s a good fit. All races, ages, sexualities, and abilities are also welcome. I will be working to actively make sure the space is inclusive and accessible, but if you have questions about whether it’s a good fit for you, you can send me a message and we’ll discuss it. 

After the three months as a beta tester, you can choose to either cancel your membership, or stay on as we open the doors and let everyone else in!

 When are the truth circles?

Sunday September 29th, noon-2pm PST
Sunday October 27th, 8am-10am PST
Sunday November 17th, 11am-1pm PST

If you sign up to be a beta-tester, I ask that you be able to come to at least two of the monthly truth circles. If you are 100% interested in joining but can’t due to scheduling conflicts or time zone differences making it impossible, shoot me a quick message here and I’ll consider adding another circle each month.


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