Make Friends With Your Feelings

The emotional education you should have gotten growing up.

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Do you ever struggle to recognize and describe what you feel?

Is it often difficult to “listen to your body?”

Do you feel numb, or like an emotional mess?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone.

What is Make Friends With Your Feelings?


Make Friends With Your Feelings is an educational e-course designed to systematically introduce you to the unique purpose and gifts of each individual emotion in an effort to reintegrate and rebalance your emotional life.

I believe there is a serious need for better “emotional education” in our culture, because in order to feel, trust, and love your body you must also be able to feel, trust and love your emotions.

Unfortunately, most people grow up thinking that certain emotions are wild, dangerous, shameful, or something that needs to be suppressed and controlled. In an attempt to “control” their emotions, they lose touch with the nuanced differences between each emotion, and become unable to make informed decisions for effective self-care.

Make Friends With Your Feelings introduces you to each emotion individually, teaching you about it’s gifts and messages, and helping you recognize and deal with it in a healthy way.


Who is Make Friends With Your Feelings right for?


  • Anyone who struggles to fully feel their feelings.
  • Anyone who identifies as highly self-critical.
  • Someone who can’t recognize the nuanced differences between each emotion.
  • Someone who feels like some emotions are “good” while some are “bad.”
  • Someone who has trouble getting in touch with other sensations like hunger, fatigue, pleasure, desire, and intuition.
  • Someone who struggles with a lot of shame, anger, sadness, guilt, or fear.
  • Anyone looking to restore trust in their body, self, or decision-making skills.
  • Anyone who wants to be able to use their feelings as the all-inclusive map to the life of “f*ck yes!” that they were intended to be.


Who is Make Friends With Your Feelings not for?
  • Someone who needs tons of accountability. This is a self-study course, so if you’re looking for a lot of support or coaching, this isn’t the right fit for you.
  • Someone who wants a quick fix. This is a serious education, and you’ll have to do the work of applying it to your daily life with patience, dedication and curiosity.
  • Someone who doesn’t have time to work on herself. Each day’s lesson takes at least 5-10 mins of reading and/or reflection.
What we cover

Here’s the 10 week syllabus for Make Friends With Your Feelings:

Week 1: Cultural context + Emotion Coaching vs Emotion Dismissing
Week 2: Anger + Resentment
Week 3: Sadness + Grief
Week 4: Joy + Happiness
Week 5: Disgust + Gratitude
Week 6: Jealousy + Envy
Week 7: Fear + Anxiety
Week 8: Guilt + Shame
Week 9: Meta-Emotions
Week 10: Desire, Pleasure, + Intuition

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q How is this program delivered?

Make Friends With Your Feelings is an email-only course, delivered to your inbox daily for 10 weeks. A few minutes after purchase, you will receive your first daily email. Important note: your emails will be send to the same email address that you use to purchase the course. If that’s not the email address you want to use, please email me after purchase.

Q Is there any coaching included in Make Friends With Your Feelings?

Nope, this is purely a self-study course so there is no coaching. If you’re looking for coaching, apply here!

Q: What if I can’t keep up with the daily lessons?

Don’t worry. I want you to take your time to do each lesson in order, but this course is self-study and you can totally go at your own pace. At the end of the 10 weeks, you’ll receive the entire 10 week education in one single PDF with a table of contents, so that you can refer back to specific lessons later without needing to dig through a million emails.

Q What can I expect by the end of the program?

Throughout the 10 weeks, you will learn about the gifts of each individual emotion, how to recognize it when it shows up, and how to get your emotional landscape back in balance. You will be given some exercises to dive deeper into the material, and there are tons of available “further resources” for anyone who needs it along the way.

By the end of the 10 weeks my goal is that you will have a compassionate and friendly relationship with each individual emotion, understanding both how it works and what it feels like, and how to respond when it comes up. You will also have sharpened the skill of tuning into what you’re feeling, improved your self-trust, and build more self-compassion.

Q Help, I have another question!

No problem, just go ahead and email me!

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