I’m opening the doors for a large-scale coaching call: the most energy-efficient & affordable way to work with me ever.


Pandemic times have drained us all.


People need body image support more than ever right now, but often don’t have the bandwidth (or time/finances) to do an intensive coaching package. So I’m test driving a brand new offer!

This large scale coaching call will be done “hot seat style,” which means everyone who joins live will watch me coach two or three people who have been pre-chosen from the submissions to be coached on specific body image topics.

This means you’ll get a front row seat to my unique body image coaching process, and gain insight, clarity, tools, and resources that can help you on your own body image journey, on your own schedule. (And if you’re one of the people being coached live, you’ll get 1:1 coaching with me for a fraction of what I charge for a private session!)

Here’s everything you need to know:

  • The call will last 90 minutes, and take place LIVE on March 27th at 11am EST.
  • Anyone who registers is welcome to submit a coaching topic, but if you submit a topic, you must be willing and able to attend the call live and be coached live in front of everyone, and understand that the call playback be sent out to all registrants. I’ll be going through all the submissions, and choosing four people’s topics: two to be definitely coached on the call, and two to be “on deck” in case we have time or someone drops out.
  • If you’re not scheduled to be coached live on the call, you can still attend live (the community aspect is lovely, and there will be some time after each coaching topic to ask questions). But if it suits your schedule or bandwidth better, you can also just watch the playback, which will be sent out to everyone who registers after the call.

Register using the link below if you want access to this call.

Once you’ve completed the payment process, you’ll get a receipt emailed to you, as well as an email from me with the following:

  • A Zoom link for the call, should you want to attend live.
  • A link to a form you can use to submit a coaching topic for this session, if you’re willing and able to be one of the people coached live on the call!

Note: if you do not receive confirmation of payment and the follow up email please check your spam folder!

I want access to the call!

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