Feeling Lost to Impacting People.

An 11 Month Mentorship for Womxn Who Want to Have a Positive Impact on the World, Work From Anywhere, and Not Get Their Asses Kicked by Fear and Doubt.

So, you’re starting an online business.

You’ve been called to bring your authentic gifts to the world, but feel stuck because you never learned jack shit about business or marketing. Maybe you’re a personal trainer, nutritionist, therapist, life coach, or wellness coach, trying to figure out how to take your business online… or maybe you’re in the first or second year of your business and just want some damn support.

Every time you sit down to make moves, fear, doubt, and overwhelm get the best of you.

Who do you think you are to run a business?
What do you do first?
Who do you ask about this kind of shit?
Where are all the grownups??

This mentorship is for you.

What You Get

  • 14 webinars (4 weekly in the first month to get you started then 1 per month after that).
  • 14 worksheets with assignments to keep you moving toward your goals (4 weekly then 1 per month after that).
  • 14 group Q&A/coaching calls, which will be recorded and sent out to you. This is where you can get individual feedback and personal coaching to help you move forward no matter where you are in the process. (4 the first month, and 1 per month after that)
  • Access to a private FB group for discussion, resource-sharing, feedback, and support as you build your business over the course of the year. (The group support dynamic was actually my favorite part of the beta test!)
  • Bonus material and resources, such as a free webinar on how to create a lead magnet and start building your email list, and another specifically on body positivity and anti-diet culture.
  • Specific feedback by me on any aspect of your business as we go along.
  • Black Friday bonus: If you sign up before Dec 3rd, you’ll get one free hour long personal coaching call with me, to be used at any point during the year.


What Else You Need to Know
  • The program will begin the first week of February, 2020. (Exact dates TBD based on participant time zones.)
  • The Q&A/coaching calls will all be recorded, so if you can’t make them live, you can send in your questions in advance and listen to the recordings after.
  • You’ll have lifetime access to the webinars, worksheets, and coaching calls, so it’ll all be there if you get interrupted or want to go through it all again in the future.
  • This mentorship really makes up my inner circle, so I’ll be a completely open book about my own business with you, sharing anything you ever wanted to know.
  • This program is open to anyone of any gender, working in any field, but is especially well geared toward female-identified people working in the fields of fitness, wellness, health, coaching, and mental health, who feel deeply connected to and passionate about their work and message. (Even if it’s not quite being expressed how you want it right now.)
  • As soon as you enroll you’ll get an email receipt. Then as the program gets closer, I’ll send you an email asking for some details about you and your business to help me schedule our group coaching calls!


What You’ll Learn (The 12 Month Syllabus):


  • February: Starting with a bang!
    The first month we’ll have weekly lessons and coaching calls, to arm you with the information you need to set yourself up for success during the rest of the year. After that, we’ll only have monthly lessons and coaching calls for accountability and continued success as you work on your business.

    • Week 1: Understand Yourself
      Get laser focused on your “why,” your passion, your purpose, your mission, and your brand story.
    • Week 2: Become Best Friends With Fear
      Identify any fear that stands in your way (fear of putting yourself out there, fear of being visible, fear of failing, fear of succeeding, etc.) and reframe it as a gift.
    • Week 3: Understand “Your People”
      Get laser focused on who your work is for, what they’re struggling with, what they want/need, and how working with you has to power to impact them. 
    • Week 4: Connect With Your Audience.
      Create content that makes “your people” feel seen and understood by speaking into the intersection between your story and their story. 
  • March: Nobody Knows What They’re Doing and Business Coaching is a Ponzie Scheme (or: You’re The Expert and Nobody Can Give You The Answers You Want)
    Learn how to stop searching for the answers outside of yourself and waiting to be told what to do. Embrace trial and error (aka failing forward, as fast as possible) as the only way through.
  • April: Create or Upgrade Your Offer(s)
    Figure out what kind of offers make the most sense for your business, and make sure they’re as high quality as possible.
  • May: Market Without Feeling Slimy: Heart-Centered Funnels and Making It Your Own
    The business and marketing world is populated by white dudes on a mission to dominate at all costs, but marketing your work doesn’t have to feel gross, greedy, or manipulative.
  • June: Make The Sale & Get Comfortable Talking About Money
    Learn how to sell your offer(s) without feeling gross, overcome awkwardness about money, and be confident in what you’re offering.
  • July: Building Credibility and Trust: Positioning Yourself as an Authority In Your Niche
    Figure out how to let people know how awesome you are, even if that idea makes you super uncomfortable.
  • August: How to Gather Social Proof, and Get Amazing Testimonials.
    How to fearlessly ask your followers, clients, or customers for testimonials, and then promote their successes to show everyone how amazing you are.
  • September: How to Tell the Truth (In Your Content)
    How to bring more authenticity, vulnerability, and clarity to your content so that content creation comes easily, you attract the right people, and don’t need to struggle for the sale.
  • October: Taking Risks: Listening to Intuition, Trusting your Gut, and Facing your Fear
    The landscape of an online business is always changing and evolving, so innovation and risk-taking are crucial skills for long-term success.
  • November: Imposter Syndrome
    How to handle it when it comes up, and run your business in a way that sets you up for confidence instead of anxiety and insecurity.
  • December: Embrace Your Unique Creative Process (And Thrive While Working From Home)
    How to apply practices of self-inquiry and self-acceptance to your creative process, daily life, and overall business to remove friction, self-criticism, and self-doubt.


This mentorship is for you if:

  • You’re in the first two years of running an online business and feel like you’re moving too slowly.
  • You sometimes feel isolated or unsure, and want a place to bounce ideas around, ask questions, brainstorm, get support and permission, and connect with other people running businesses online.
  • You struggle with promoting your work, and sometimes with feeling worthy of selling your services or running a business in the first place.
  • You struggle with putting yourself out there, making decisions, or overcoming doubt, fear, or overwhelm.
  • You struggle to express yourself and your message clearly and authentically in writing.
  • You feel some conflict or disconnect between your deepest authentic self and values and your current business/brand, and want to close that gap.
  • You already work in the field of fitness, nutrition, health, or wellness, and want to make the leap onto the online space for the first time.

This mentorship is not for you if:

  • You don’t yet have an online business, a clear and immediately actionable idea for a business, or a skill/service that you want to begin marketing or offering online. (Shoot me a message here if you only have a vague business idea but want to join anyway; we’ll talk about your options.)
  • You’ve been running a successful online business for more than two years, and are just looking to scale it up.
  • You’re looking for a specific 12 step formula, launch funnel, or marketing plan. I believe most people selling such things are lying, because there is no one plan that will work for everyone, and only you can know what’s right for you and the work you’re meant to be doing in the world. Therefore this mentorship will be focused on empowering you to become the confident and competent boss-in-chief of your own business. (Think of it more like learning to fish, rather than being given a fish and eating for a day.) You will learn how to trust yourself to figure out what to do forever, but if all you’re interested in is the details of a business/marketing/launch plan, this is not the right fit for you.
  • You’re running a successful in-person business and have no interest in taking it online.

Enroll me!

Unsure about the price? Think about this: you'd need to book just *one client session per month* to cover the cost of this mentorship.

And if that sounds crazy, we need to talk about your prices. ;-)

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