From Imposter to Authority:

How To Walk Your Talk When It Comes to Body Positivity as a Professional Working With Women.

Your work on earth is to empower women, and you know how many women struggle with body image issues and a general lack of confidence.

You want your clients to feel confident, beautiful, worthy, strong. You want them to stop comparing themselves to other women, stop putting themselves down, and finally know they are good enough.

It’s easy to tell your clients to embrace their bodies and love their so-called imperfections, but it’s a lot harder to do for yourself. Despite really believing in the importance of body positivity, you struggle with your own imperfections, beat yourself up trying to change how you look, and stress or obsess over food, fat, weight, and exercise.

If you feel like an imposter as you try to help your clients feel better in their own skin, and worry that since you still have your own body issues you’re a fraud, you are not alone.

The truth is that our entire culture has badly misunderstood and misrepresented body image issues— you’ve been taught wrongly that body issues are about the body, confidence, and that you should simply be able to flip a switch and “stop caring” what people think.

But it doesn’t work that way, and it’s not a choice. Given the culture you’re steeped in (even if you’re actively involved in body positivity!) the fact that you haven’t yet figured out how to unconditionally love your body makes perfect sense.

But now you can.

I teach my clients a new way of approaching body image, pulling back the seductive veil of food and body “stuff,” so that they can finally see the truth, and uproot their demons.

I share specific examples of how this works with three real-life client stories in my new ebook How I Helped a Personal Trainer, a Nutritionist, and a Psychotherapist Overcome Body Image Issues, So They Could Finally Empower Their Clients Without Feeling Like a Fraud.

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Read along as I share the stories of Erin, Ava, and Jen— three women who were passionate about helping other women love themselves, but struggled with that when it came to themselves— as they move from feeling like they were “faking it” to showing up as a true body-confidence role model for their clients. 

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