The Empowered Women Project

There’s a glorious, powerful, confident version of yourself buried deep under layers of fear, insecurity, and old wounds. Keeping her buried is exhausting and painful. You can set her free.

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Glorious woman, I want to share a story with you.

Three years ago, I decided to start showing up as the most authentic version of myself I could be.

Jessi in the grassI wanted to feel unafraid, relaxed and powerful. I wanted to step into my own sublime light and shine like a supernova. It wasn’t always easy, and I’m still learning every day. But guess what? I’ve never felt more empowered than I do now. Which feels amazing!

But one of the best things about my journey was kind of unexpected: I found that by showing up fully and authentically, I was inspiring women around me to step into their own light. This wonderful side effect makes me feel like an empowerment superhero, and I want to share how you can feel the same.

I felt so frustrated back then. I’d stalled on my path to self-empowerment. I could look my best friend in the eye and remind her how strong and beautiful she was, yet there was a voice in my head that just wouldn’t stop repeating how false and broken I was. I kept telling myself that I was a badass woman full of gifts for the world, but my heart wasn’t in it. There were brief, shining times when I did feel like the kick-ass woman I knew I was underneath, but that feeling never lasted for more than a few days.

Does that sound familiar? Trust me when I say there is nothing wrong with you.

Let’s get real for a second. I’m gonna guess that you’re a woman who stops at nothing to remind her clients, friends, and loved ones how incredible and powerful they are. And yet, somehow, you’re feeling kinda stuck when it comes to owning how incredible and powerful you are. You want to show up in this world in a way that deeply inspires women around you, but you feel a bit false, like you’re not quite that person right now. And hey, that’s OK.

But let’s be done with all that. Let’s allow the glorious, gorgeous being you are to shine out.

The more authentic you are, the more fulfilled you feel as a human being. I want to help you shed the layers that are currently hiding your true, expansive, magnificent self.

You don’t need to add anything. It’s all there already. You are already powerful and magnificent; your voice, energy and essence are unique. The world needs you to start owning your gifts.

I want to show how you can uncover and step into your truest self. By doing so, you will inspire the women around you to step into their own sublime light. Your clients, sisters, daughters, mother, friends and colleagues. That lady selling sunflowers at the market. The woman frowning on the subway every afternoon. The boss shouting at her cleaning staff. The little girl who was shamed today. Can you imagine what our world would be like if we could inspire those around us to step into their most brilliant and truthful selves… simply by being our own selves?

I created The Empowered Women Project to share how you can become your most authentic Self, and inspire the women around you to do the same.

This is no quick-fix. The Empowered Women Project is a stepping stone to experiencing real change in your life. In this 8-week self-study program you’ll explore powerful concepts that allow you to shed the layers of fear, unworthiness, doubt, and failure that are hiding your real self.

Through weekly material delivered right to your inbox (complete with audio tracks, printable PDFs, and worksheets), you will…

  • Explore how to be a relaxed, unapologetic, present, warm and authentic woman.
  • Reframe how you think about the tough stuff in your life, so you can find purpose and meaning in it.
  • Silence that mean, self-critical voice in your head that just won’t shut up.
  • Consciously choose which elements in your life you want to focus on, and pursue them unapologetically.
  • Release unwanted or unnecessary elements and obligations, without the burden of guilt or shame.
  • Discover the specific language needed to express what you want to manifest in the world.
  • Ground your thoughts so you can examine and evaluate their true meaning.
  • Embrace the ebb and flow of life and let go of what you think your life should look like.
  • Learn how to move through the world expecting the best in others by holding everyone you meet in unconditional positive regard – it’s hugely healing and empowering.
  • Embrace the “dark material” in your life. We all have it, and that’s OK.
  • Learn how to connect more often, more deeply, and more consciously with other people. 
Suzanne Garrison, MS, BC-DMT

“This program is awesome! I made connections in myself I had never realized, and also connected with many fabulous women from across the country. After this program, I feel more confident in making my own choices, and not apologizing for them.

I now know that my needs are just as important as everyone else’s, and I deserve to honor myself in ways that feel beneficial to me. I understand that I am the creator of my own life story, and I can change my own story line at any time. I learned that I deserve to take up physical space. The best part was really feeling the changes within myself…My husband commented the other night “you seem a lot firmer, but also a lot softer at the same time.” I think what he was saying is that I can set firmer boundaries, more clearly ask for what I need, and feel confident doing so…while still maintaining compassion and empathy for other perspectives.

To anyone considering joining this program, I would say: Do it because it will knock your socks off! And then, very lovingly, put them back on.”

Rebecca Mokey

“As a result of the course, I began to consciously check in with myself to see how authentic I was being at any given moment, and have been validating my feelings in a much deeper way. I am reaching out much more for help when I need it, and self-sabotaging less. I’ve begun to unlock a certain spontaneity when it comes to both meeting my needs, and connecting with others.

I’m willing to put myself out there more – to speak my truth, to show myself on social media — because I believe that shining my light is truly encouraging others to shine theirs. I know that my inner beauty only enhances and plays off of other women’s, and vice versa.

Jessi can help you take your journey of helping other women to the next level. She will help you lead by example, and convince you that you belong on this earth.”

You can create a ripple effect of empowerment just by being your true self.

When you’re the most biggest and most expansive version of yourself, your kindness and courage will be seen and noticed. Maybe it will inspire someone in your life open up, expand, and let their magnificent brilliance impact the world in unimaginably wonderful ways. Maybe it will influence someone to step into their own light and inspire others around them. Can you think of a more fabulous ripple effect than that?

The universe needs women like you.

You don’t need to play small anymore.

Let’s shed the layers hiding our true selves and start sending out those ripples. I know they’ll make the world a better place. In case you can’t tell, I’m unbelievably passionate about this program. I can’t wait to see what effects your personal empowerment and authenticity will have on the world.

Let’s make it happen.

The 8 Week Syllabus:

  • Week 1: Authentic Self-Care
  • Week 2: How to Choose an Empowered Narrative
  • Week 3: How to be Unapologetic
  • Week 4: How to be Present
  • Week 5: How to be Authentic
  • Week 6: How to be Relaxed
  • Week 7: How to be Warm
  • Week 8: How to Embrace the Ebb & Flow

Kristy Stabler, Certified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist & Coach

“Honestly, I’ve been so focused on business related courses, writing courses and general mindset, I haven’t looked for a women’s empowerment course before! But through this program, I’ve discovered much more about what makes me empowered already, what areas I want to focus on for more empowerment, and how to translate it all into spreading this awakened identity to other women.

The biggest take-away was learning how to be empowered without coming across as harsh or overly in-your-face.  I always assumed that to be an “empowered woman” I would have to be more masculine. Crazy, right? I feel very comfortable embracing the feminine side of me now.

If becoming more aware of their own personal power as a woman is of any interest to you, this course will open your eyes and hearts. And it doesn’t do this with knowledge or facts alone; I connected on an emotional level like I’ve never really done with courses before.”

Stacey Swanson, Fitness & Confidence Coach

“I have to say, The Empowered Woman Project is a cut above other programs due to the way it has been created, the vibe is authentic, compassionate and the love, care and wisdom Jessi has put into it’s creation shines from the pages.

When I started the program I was a little resistant and unclear of where to place my focus, but as I explored the material I have found myself more able to soften, let go and reframe disempowering narratives and find a space within myself to really listen. The self care practices are helping me slow down and connect to myself in a more present and loving way, something that I have always struggled with. I now feel more confident in listening to and honouring myself each day and inspired to follow my passion of empowering women too.

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