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Break free from the six obstacles to total body-love outlined in the Body Image Alchemy ebook!

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Looking for even more Body Image Alchemy?

Did you totally resonate with the 6 areas outlined in Body Image Alchemy: Why You’re Still failing to Love Yourself, and 6 Ways to Level Up? Do you feel like you understand what’s keeping you from loving yourself intellectually but can’t quite figure out what to do next?

If so, this course is for you.

Body image is a vast and complex topic, and each one of us has a completely unique journey to love her body.

The topics of the six chapters of Body Image Alchemy are the most common pitfalls for self-love that I see in my clients, and you may have related to some (or all!) of them. But no amount of body-image theory will help you to love yourself better until you really dig below the surface and figure out what exactly is holding you back.

Each chapter of Body Image Alchemy has been turned into a lesson in this 6 week e-course, complete with worksheets and audio tracks guiding you through it. By exploring each topic through taking a personal inventory, answering journal questions, engaging in exercises, and implementing new practices, you will thoroughly and carefully apply this material to your unique journey.

Who Body Image Alchemy Blueprint is for:

Have you ever read an article or watched a video about body positivity and gotten frustrated that you’re hearing it again, and totally agree, but still feel stuck when it comes to loving and accepting your own body? If so, this course is for you, and for anyone who has ever said “ugh I know all this stuff already, why can’t I put it into practice?!”

This course is also for you if…

  • You’re brand new to body positivity and have no idea where to start.
  • You’ve come a long way on your journey to love your body, but you still feel stuck in some areas and don’t know why.
  • Some days you feel amazing and confident about your body, but other days you fall back into old mental patterns and start criticizing, comparing, or picking yourself apart.
  • You’ve ever said “I’ll love my body when… {I lose 10 lbs, tone up my thighs, whatever}.
  • You’re sick of spending so much time and energy thinking about how your body looks; whether it looks ok, what you wish was different, how to dress to hide your “flaws,” etc.
  • You’re sick of spending so much time and energy trying to change your body; working out, dieting, trying to look different.
  • You want to love your body unapologetically, feel confident in any outfit, and fully embody the fact that your worth as a woman has literally nothing to do with how you look.


Who Body Image Alchemy Blueprint is NOT for:

This is course is not for you if:

  • You’re looking for a physical transformation. This course is for mindset and emotional introspection/eduction only. While it can pair well with a physical transformation program, there is no fitness, nutrition, or weight-loss information included in this program.
  • You’re looking for a quick fix. Body image is a vast and complex topic, and learning to love your body takes an enormous amount of time, patience, dedication.
  • You are perfectly comfortable hating, disliking, resenting, or rejecting certain parts of your body (or your whole body!). If you’re not truly ready to learn how to love yourself, please do not enroll.

This program is not designed to diagnose or treat any form of mental illness such as eating disorders or body dysmorphia. By enrolling in this course, you acknowledge that it is not a replacement for therapy or medical treatment, and that if you have or suspect you have a relevant mental illness, you will consult your therapist or physician before enrolling.

If you feel like the above statement cannot be or is not true for you, please do not enroll in this course.

How this course is delivered:

Body Image Alchemy Blueprint is an email-only course delivered to your inbox weekly for 6 weeks. Each week you will receive your lesson in the form of printable worksheet PDFs, as well as the audio track guiding you through them. You’ll have journal questions to answer, exercises to try, and practices to play with for each topic. A few minutes after purchase, you will receive your first lesson.

Important note: your emails will be send to the same email address that you use to purchase the course with. If that’s not the email address you intend to use, please email me after purchase.


Frequently asked questions:

Q Does Body Image Alchemy Blueprint include any fitness or nutrition advice?

No, this is a mindset and emotional introspection course only. There is no body transformation component included, because (as you’ll learn more about if you enroll) body image has nothing to do with how your body looks. Focusing on changing the way your body looks while also trying to change how you feel about it is often too much to change at once. In most cases, the less powerful focus (body image) is the one that gets abandoned. BIA Blueprint does pair nicely with your existing physical movement and self-care practices however.

Q Is there any coaching included in Body Image Alchemy Blueprint?

No, this is a self-study course, intended to give you the tools necessary to apply the material to your individual life and the unique obstacles and challenges that stand between you and positive body image. If you’re looking for more support or coaching, apply here!

Q Do I need to read the Body Image Alchemy ebook before enrolling?

I encourage everyone to read BIA before enrolling in BIA Blueprint, or at least to read it before you begin going through the lessons. Much of the information will be expanded upon, but I believe the BIA ebook provides a necessary cultural context for what you’ll be personally exploring in the Blueprint.


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