From Critical to Compassionate:

An ebook for anyone who struggles to love, accept, or feel confident in their bodies.


You want to love your body, but it’s fucking hard. 

You’ve tried mantras, but just felt like you were lying to yourself.

You’ve tried following #bodypositivity on social media, but some of it really irritates (or confuses) you. 

You’ve tried just “loving your curves” and “embracing your imperfections” but uhhh— how does anyone actually DO that??

You constantly criticize yourself and beat yourself up for your flaws, for skipping workouts, for eating too much, for everything. You hate the way you look in photos, and when you look in the mirror all you see is a laundry list of imperfections, “problem spots,” and parts that make you feel awful about yourself.

Sometimes it gets a little better.

Sometimes you get on a health kick, working out and drinking a ton of water, and you start to feel good about yourself… but then you miss one workout or eat one dessert and it’s all over, because if you can’t be perfect why even bother??

Or maybe it was that one magical vacation when you felt so happy and relaxed, got your first glimpse of what intuitive eating might look like, and actually felt (*gasp!*) sexy and confident…. but then got home and saw photos, and got totally triggered back into shame and self-loathing.

You’re secretly wonder if body confidence is even literally possible, but you still want it. 

You want the freedom, the confidence, the experience of feeling worthy no matter what you look like.

It’s ok. It’s safe to hope and dream and fantasize, because body confidence and self love are possible— if you get out of your own way!

The truth is that body confidence and self-love are NOT EASY, they take time, and they’re a never-ending process. But we often make that process a helluva lot harder than it needs to be by making mistakes like:

  • Crowding our brains with “comparison traps”
  • Paying attention to the wrong issues
  • Having the wrong idea about what it means to unconditionally love yourself and your body

…and more!

That’s why I wrote this ebook, Body Image Alchemy: Why You’re Still Failing to Love Yourself, and 6 Ways to Level Up, because I kept seeing people falling into the same traps and making the same mistakes when it came to self-love, over and over.

If you’re struggling (or stalled) in your progress toward self-acceptance, self-love, and body-confidence, maybe you’ve been making one of these mistakes too?

And if you are, what can you do instead??

Don’t worry, I share that in the book too, showing you exactly how to flip the script
and start seeing progress toward self-acceptance and self-love, no matter which  mistake you’re making.

And the exciting part is that I want to share this ebook with you for free!

I know it’s expensive to work with me, but I was young and broke once, and I can’t stand the thought of money being a barrier to this information, so I specifically wrote this to give to you for free.

In exchange, all I ask is that you read it, try some of the techniques, and then reach out to me to let me know how it goes.

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