“In a society that profits from your self-doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.”

-Caroline Caldwell

My Dear Body-Anxious Friend,


You’re tired of thinking about how you look all the time, comparing your body to others, feeling guilty and gross, and obsessing over food, fat, exercise, and weight. 

You see people on Instagram loving their curves and embracing their imperfection and you’re like… WTF, how do I get that??

From locked inside the chains of food and body rules, it can seem completely impossible to imagine that kind of freedom in your own skin, and that level of body acceptance and positivity in your heart and mind.

But that’s because you’ve been asking your inner “good girl” to do the job that only your inner rebel can do. 😉

Learn why rebellion is a key part of casting off those chains, and how to put your inner rebel in the driving seat of your body confidence journey.

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Tell your inner good girl to take a break.

Overcoming body image issues requires stripping away and fighting back against social norms. This free 5 day training calls upon your inner rebel to get the job done.

Through 5 daily video trainings and worksheets, you’ll learn:


Day 1: How to acknowledge the subjectivity of your own body image, and really feel the truth of how inaccurately you see yourself in the mirror or photos.

Day 2: What “feeling fat” is actually about for you, and what to do about it. (Hint: fat is not a feeling.)

Day 3: How to explore your body image triggers in order to learn about the unconscious “body rules” you’ve been following.

Day 4: How to rebel against the dreaded “food guilt” surrounding cravings, eating, and binging.

Day 5: The power of breaking your food and body rules by taking bold and courageous action!

Start The Revolution!