Are you still struggling with body image issues?


Of course you are.

You’ve tried to stop hating your body. You’ve read the books. You listen to the podcasts. You have a therapist. None of it has worked. You still hate your body. Why?

It hasn’t worked because our culture has dramatically misunderstood the cause of (and therefore the solution to!) body image issues. 

This misunderstanding can unfortunately be found running rampant even among body image coaches, body positivity activists, and eating disorder specialists!

The truth is that body image issues may be pretty universal at this point (affecting over 97% of women) but the reason why a particular individual develops them is unique. And without understanding your unique root cause— the underlying emotional needs you’re trying to get met by looking a certain way— nothing is ever going to change.


Hi I’m Jessi! As a body image coach (and ex-personal trainer), I’ve dedicated over a decade to obsessively researching body image, organizing the patterns I see in my clients, and finally coming up with a system to understand and heal body image issues based on the root cause. 

As a writer and coach, I found myself wildly frustrated by the complete lack of clear concepts and language around body image and self-worth.

People talk about “loving and accepting yourself” and “seeing your unique beauty” and “being more self-compassionate,” but like… what does any of that actually mean?? That kind of advice isn’t actionable, and in my experience it tends to just make people feel worse about themselves when it doesn’t work.

But do a quick search on google about “how to stop hating your body” or scroll the hashtag #bodypositivity on Instagram, and here’s what you’ll find:

  • A bunch of people who “improved their body image” and “learned to love themselves” by losing weight and getting into shape. (Hint: this is a superficial and temporary improvement which tends to come with a lot of anxiety, obsession, and disordered behaviors around food and exercise.)
  • Plenty of body liberation activists and influencers who are doing important work to dismantle diet culture, beauty ideals, racism, and the patriarchy— but who don’t have any actionable insight into how an individual might actually feel better in their own body.
  • A whole lot of thin, white, young, conventionally attractive women talking about how they learned to love themselves flaws and all, and are now on a mission to “inspire others” to do the same. (Note how “inspiring people” means they have no action plan, and how their message inherently revolves around privilege, making it useless at best and damaging at worst for people in marginalized bodies.)
  • A wide assortment of new-age mindfulness and spirituality folks who talk about mindset blocks, limiting beliefs, self-acceptance, and self-love… but again, rarely offer anything tangible or specific for an individual to put into action for their own body image healing. (Plus a lot of them will shame you for not being able to put their “wisdom” into action!)

Most people who do a bunch of healing work to overcome their own body image issues can’t even put into words how they did it: they just know they used to spend a ton of time and energy obsessing over food, exercise, weight, or appearance, and now… they don’t.

I needed to know: why is this??

Why does one body image healing path seem to work for one person, but not another? Why can’t anyone seem to be specific about exactly what kind of work you have to do in order to stop hating and obsessing over this stuff?

At first I was convinced that it’s because each person’s individual body image issues developed for a completely unique reason, but over time (and hundreds of clients) some clear patterns emerged.

My clients’ body image issues seemed to fall into four main categories: self-objectification, adherence to high standards and a moral binary, feeling like they don’t belong anywhere, or feeling afraid of themselves and others. And not only did people struggling with the same root cause seem to share a lot of similarities in how their body image issues manifested, but they also seemed to share many of the most important breakthroughs, skill-building, and path to healing required to overcome them.

BAM. From these patterns I developed the Four Body Image Avatars.

This system is my solution to the lack of clear concepts and language in the body positivity space, as well as the lack of clear direction for what a person actually has to do to see significant improvements in their own body image. (Hint: it’s not losing weight, being super privileged, or reaching enlightenment.)

Curious already?

The Four Body Image Avatars are:

  • The Self-Objectifier: The self-spectator who craves intimacy and secure partnership, but feels beholden to the male gaze (or gaze of potential partners), and needs everyone to find them attractive. 
  • The Outsider: The people-pleaser who feels isolated and unseen (even if they have lots of friends!), and needs people to like and accept them.
  • The Runner: The disembodied numb-out addict, who struggles to feel their feelings and needs to control everything in order to feel safe.
  • The High Achiever: The discipline-and-self-control worshipper who is terrified of being seen as “lazy,” and needs everyone to think they have their shit together.

Do you already recognize yourself in one (or more) of these?
I’d be willing to bet you do… and that you’re already itching to learn more.

That’s where the Avatars Guide comes in.

I’ve compiled 30 pages of brand new information, four exclusive in-depth videos, and a self-assessment into a beautiful PDF introducing you to the four avatars (including common characteristics and paths to healing!) and guiding you through the insights, breakthroughs, and work required for you to actually stop hating your body.

Are you ready to stop feeling so frustrated and overwhelmed by the enigmatic, endless, and seemingly illogical nature of your body image issues? Look no further.

By the end of the Avatars Guide, you will have:

  • Validation. Through reading about your avatar(s), you’ll recognize that you’re not alone, not broken, not weird, and not “crazy” for struggling with body image the way you do.
  • Clarity. You’ll finally understand exactly where your body image issues stem from, what beliefs and fantasies they’re based on, and why they manifest the way they do. You’ll also find it significantly easier to think about and discuss this stuff, because you’ll have clearer concepts and language!
  • Direction. By exploring the “common paths to healing” for your avatar(s), you’ll get an idea for what kind of work you need to do: which mindset work, skill-building, education, or behavioral changes are likely to support your body acceptance or neutrality the best.


The Avatars Guide is Like an Astrology Chart for Your Body Image

Your sun sign is the Self Objectifier, with an Outsider moon and Runner rising. 😉

Or maybe you’re not into astrology, in which case the Avatars Guide is more like a Myers Briggs test for your body image. Or you can think of it like learning your love languages, or your attachment style… but for body image.

Either way you think about it, the Avatars Guide offers you a way of conceptually organizing and understanding yourself when it comes to body image, and actionable directions for how you can move toward body acceptance, neutrality, or love. 



What to Expect From the
Avatars Guide

This self-study guide offers 30 pages of written information plus four exclusive videos. You’ll be introduced you to the overall concept of the avatars system, and then to each individual avatar, taken through a self-assessment to identify your dominant avatar(s), and then offered an overview of the common paths to healing.

As soon as you purchase the guide, you’ll get a receipt emailed to your inbox immediately (to the email address you type!), and then within 20 minutes you’ll get a second email with the Avatars Guide attached in PDF format.

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