Success Stories

…and other nice things people said.

Megan Hansen

A year ago I reached out to Jessi because felt completely stuck.  I was giving all the energy I had (and then some) to my job of seven years, and I was burn out.  I constantly felt exhausted, overwhelmed and anxious. I had lost sight of what it meant to feel truly well.


From the start Jessi helped me sift through the noise and understand what I really needed and desired.  She had a way of asking just the right question to help me see things in a new light.  With Jessi’s encouragement and insightful guidance, I was able to move through the  confusion and shame I felt and begin to choose a path forward.  Within a few months, I took the leap and left my job for good.  Two months after that, I packed up my apartment and embarked on several months of travel abroad.  


Today my life is completely different than it was a year ago.  I feel joyful again. I’m relaxed. I’m much more open to life. I feel like I’m finally taking the reigns of my own life.  Above all, I’m no longer stuck!  I still have a lot of things to figure out, but I love the path I’m on and the person I’m becoming.  Jessi helped me get here.

Dr. Stephanie Caudle, PT, DPT

I had always allowed myself to believe that improving your body image was only for people who weren’t interested in optimizing their health. Jessi was the first teacher to finally get through to me and show me that the inner work of improving your body image PAVES THE ROAD to optimal mental and physical health.

My work with her has helped me to become more confident in every aspect of my life: managing my emotions, my relationships with my romantic partner, friends, and family, my work, my fitness, and my spirituality.

I have become a much more direct, transparent communicator and more readily reach for the tools I now know help me to keep my needs met.

Jessi helped me to see the light that always existed within me. By the time that we started working together, I had done enough self-reflection to know that the light was in there somewhere, but I did not have a clue as to how to find it.

She pushed me to think about things that previously made me feel shame or discomfort and transformed them into parts of me that I EMBRACE. Jessi helped guide me through some very challenging questions in a mere 10 weeks, and I am completely transformed because of it.

There is not a woman in my life who I think wouldn’t benefit from even just one conversation with Jessi.

Jessi is one the most real and relatable forces for cultivating sustainable authenticity in the world.

Her work and inspiration came to me during a time in my life when I had unconsciously compromised so much of my authenticity that I was afraid I’d lost myself. Through her emails, constant transparency/advice, and her in-person workshop in the Summer of 2016,  I’ve been moving forward in a more powerful, peaceful, and authentic way than ever.

Annie DeAngelo, Nurse Anesthetist

The power to create a safe space in which 20 incredible women can open themselves up to one another, without pretense or judgement, and allow themselves to grow is a special gift that Jessi Kneeland possesses and so GENEROUSLY has decided to share with the world. If you aren’t following her, learning from her, idolizing her, worshiping her, get on it. This woman is a F***ing FORCE.

Thank you Jessi for seeing me and seeing all of us as we are.

Lisa Ziviello, Creative Producer/Project Manager

I had worked with Jessi via email and through one of her online/Facebook workshops, so when I first met her in person, I honestly felt a little star struck! But that nervous feeling was instantly transformed into one of ease and comfort.

What impressed me most about meeting Jessi in person is that “online Jessi” very much matched “in-person Jessi.” Her genuine desire to help us, her curious nature to know us, her warm smile, and her energizing spirit—it all aligned.

Honestly? I feel very lucky to have met her and worked with her in person. I feel like I got to be one step closer to her magic.

Jessi coaches with encouragement and intrigue and without judgement. What a relief it is to not feel judged! Moreover, what a relief it is to learn how to not judge myself. In the time that I’ve known Jessi, I’ve absolutely become a more confident person, in the manner of taking better ownership of my thoughts and feelings, and presenting them to the world as they are. No apologies.

Rebecca Mokey

I entered into coaching with Jessi thinking that I would focus a lot of my energy on the physical side of her work, but quickly realized that the richness of the inner work was much more valuable to me.

Jessi has profound insight, and was always prepared with a tool or a mirror to help whatever I was struggling with in any given session.  Our work together moved quickly from external goals to internal beliefs, and with her help, I realized for the first time, perhaps in my life, that my being here on this planet is good.

Not only that I belong here, but that humanity needs me, and needs my gifts.  This is the opposite of what I’d believed about myself for most of my life, and this new belief she endowed me with has had a ripple effect in the rest of my life.

Christen Connell

This program started me down a path of rebalancing my whole life. An unexpected but welcome result. As I considered my relationship with my body and exercise, I started looking at everything I was doing- whether it was really helping me or bringing me joy- and implemented gradual changes. I gave myself permission to mess up or miss a day or feel a certain way without treating it as a disappointment. I left this program feeling very differently about my body.

It’s really amazing what improves in your life when you stop making your physical self the ‘target’ of your perceived failures or daily stress!

Cait Wilson, Graphic Designer/Artist/Explorer

On our calls and in the gym I felt like I was in this amazing bubble of protection and love and worthiness. I felt like I had the space to be honest with you and myself. It’s very clear that you have passion and love for what you do, which makes it incredibly easy to be coached!

If coaching is something you’ve thought about doing and want to learn about yourself in the realm of fitness and beyond, Jessi is your woman. There’s never going to be an exact right time and you’re never going to feel 100% ready, but it’s so worth it once you start. In addition to being warm and welcoming, Jessi was uber-professional. She was always on time, followed through with everything she said she would, and was already ready with a thoughtful answer to all of my questions. Her style of coaching and breadth of knowledge was truly everything I could have hoped for.

Jill Thompson

To anyone who’s thinking of joining your coaching program, I would say: RUN, DON’T WALK to sign up, because it was, without exaggeration, life-changing.

Jessi is an absolute joy to work with, and she will go above and beyond to help you meet your goals and just generally to feel amazing.

Crystal Hall, Goddess/Spouse/Mother/Friend/Administrative Support

The advice you gave me has inspired me. I started doing more “want-to’s” than “shoulds” and “have-to’s”. What a novelty right!? I began following pleasure. I am now in the process of applying for college, I’m having more sex than ever, and  I’m practicing yoga more regularly. I am no longer invisible. I feel like I am bliss and sensuality embodied. I just wanted to let you know that your work has truly inspired me and brought joy and pleasure into my life. Thank you.

Sabrina Rodriguez, Student

The exhaustion that came from constant worry about how I looked, and what people thought of me, has transferred into the energy I use to engage in meaningful conversations, nurturing positive, enriching, relationships, and focusing on becoming a better version of myself, each and every day. I look forward to my life so much more because I am so much happier with who I am, what I’ve accomplished, and all that there is to come.

This wouldn’t have happened without Jessi.