Body Image Workshops:

Toronto, April 22nd & 23rd, 2017

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There are two different workshops to choose from, one for fitness/wellness industry professionals, and one for all women. Choose the one that fits you best, or enroll for both to get the full-weekend discount!

How to Help Your Clients Love Their Bodies (as a Fitness/Wellness Professional)

Saturday April 22nd, from 11-4pm

Learn how to use your role as a personal trainer/fitness instructor be a force for body positivity and confidence in the lives of your clients.

This workshop is open to any individual (male, female, or non-binary) who works in the fitness or wellness industry, and want to better understand and support positive body image in their clients and students.

Trainers, coaches, and teachers are ground zero for the conversation about body image– what you say, how you cue, and how you coach has a huge impact on how your clients feel about themselves. Come learn how to support your clients in learning to love their bodies and step into their most empowered and confident selves.

What we’ll cover:
  • What body image issues are really about, and why telling her she “looks great” doesn’t work.
  • The unique relationship between the fitness industry and body image.
  • How to empower your clients, both physically and emotionally.
  • How to hold powerful conversations with your clients that help her create more sustainable changes.
  • Concrete tools to help your clients learn to understand, value, accept, and love her body.

How to Love Your Own Body:

Heal your heart. Find your truth. Remove your armor.
Sunday April 23rd, from 10-4pm


This workshop is open to women only.

Come spend a day with other women learning what body image issues are *really* about, and what you can actually do to improve them.

This is a purely personal exploration: this is all about you and your body. (No connection to the fitness or wellness industry required.) 
Through presentation, discussion, and hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to break free from various “body image issues” in order to live a fully embodied, fulfilling, and joyful life.

What we’ll cover:
  • The 7 things body image is really about, and what to do about each.
  • The various ways in which we unconsciously protect ourselves (aka our armor), and why.
  • The relationship between body image and armor, and how that armor keeps us from living an embodied, empowered, and authentic life.
  • The Armor Removal Formula— the exclusive 3 step technique I use with my personal clients to help them break free from body image issue.

Each workshop stands completely on it’s own, so you can sign up for either of the days separately. 

If you’re a female fitness/wellness professional though the two days compliment each other perfectly, so there is a discount for registering for the whole weekend. Saturday is about how to use your position to help other people improve their relationship to their bodies, while Sunday is about doing that deep work on yourself, so that you can fully walk your talk when it comes to body positivity. (Trust me, the combo is magic.)

$279/day, $497/weekend CAD

All major credit cards accepted