Stop Hating Your Body

A full-day live workshop
May 19th, Denver

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Stop Hating Your Body

An immersive self-acceptance workshop designed to help you finally let go of body-negativity for good.

Join me for a deep-dive into the blocks that keep you from loving yourself:

In Japan there is an ancient practice called “Kintsugi.” When a bowl breaks, it is not discarded — instead, its cracks are filled… with gold. The result? The bowl is considered even more beautiful, thanks to it’s unique imperfections.

May 19th, 10am-4pm MDT
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If you’re here right now, there’s a good chance you’ve spent a lifetime battling with your own reflection. Viewing your own cracks — your “flaws” and “issues” and “struggles” — as a source of shame, fear, and self-criticism. But what if you could finally look in the mirror and see how all those cracks actually make you even more beautiful?

Are you ready to discover what your body image issues are really about and finally learn what you can do to improve them?

You’re invited to a special in-person intensive, where we’ll spend a full day dedicated to healing your relationship with your body: 

You’ll learn why you have body image issues in the first place, and receive 5 tangible steps to break apart any negative belief about yourself, big or small.


You’ll learn the importance of being authentic, speaking your truth,  facing your fears, and learning to get comfortable being vulnerable– and how to start.


You’ll discover how body image issues are a red herring; a distraction from the painful inner work, and learn how to directly face what’s underneath.

What people are saying about this workshop:

Yesterday (at the workshop) I felt like my brain, heart, and soul binged– which served me in a more helpful way then the manner I usually binge. I feel like I finally found some tools to help me break through and really love myself again.

“The power to create a safe space in which 20 incredible women can open themselves up to one another, without pretense or judgement, and allow themselves to grow is a special gift that Jessi Kneeland possesses and so GENEROUSLY has decided to share with the world. If you aren’t following her, learning from her, idolizing her, worshiping her, get on it. This woman is a F***ing FORCE.”

“Thank you again for offering such a wonderful workshop this past Sunday. I felt understood, validated, empowered and supported. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the awesomeness of learning alongside such a great group of women. I hope you continue to do this work, as it is sorely needed and your teaching and experience is spot-on!”

“I’m once again broken open. So happily broken open.”

This special in-person workshop will focus on you, and go deeper than any online course or e- book ever will. This is your chance to get educated on what body image issues are really about (and why most “just love yourself” advice doesn’t work), ask questions, make mistakes, share your truth, and immerse yourself in healing alongside a small group of women who, like you, are finally ready to finally stop hating their bodies.

Are you in? Join us on May 19th in Denver!

It’s time to break open, so you can break free:
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Is this workshop for me?

Yes, if you are ready to do the deep work of breaking open the old wounds so you can finally begin to heal.

  • This is NOT a workshop for people who are expecting to lose weight or learn new methods for dieting or exercise.
  • This is NOT a quick fix. Healing your relationship with your body takes time and practice, but this workshop will provide you with the scaffolding, direction, and individual support.
  • This IS a workshop for people who want to move toward letting go of strict food rules, rigid exercise plans, obsessive beauty-monitoring, and tightly supervised body control, so that they can get their lives back.
  • This day-long session is open to female-identified people only who struggle with their body image, regardless of their size, race, or abilities — because we all deserve to make peace with our bodies, and body image doesn’t discriminate. We will learn how to work through trauma, cultural messages, and limiting beliefs in order to make more space for our own bodies, and the bodies of others, through healing.
What will I learn?
  • The real reasons you struggle with body image (hint: it’s never just about your body) and how to cope with and work through each one.
  • The role science plays in how we feel about our bodies — plus how we can use it to live our most embodied, empowered, authentic, and confident lives.
  • How to connect with, and learn to hold space for, your own feelings.
  • The exclusive techniques that I use one-on-one with my private clients to help them dig below the surface of their body image issues, embrace their inner work, express their authentic self, connect with others, and experience true body peace.

    Stop letting your body determine your life.

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