Love Your Body

*Special Edition* Weekend Workshop: June 24th & 25th, NYC

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 Love Your Body *Special Edition* Weekend Workshop:
Healing Body Image through Biology, Authentic Movement, and Self-Compassion

Join me for two full days of radical self-love and authentic movement:

In Japan there is an ancient practice called “Kintsugi.” When a bowl breaks, it is not discarded — instead, its cracks are filled with gold. The result? The bowl is considered even more beautiful, thanks to it’s imperfections.

June 24th & 25th

Time: 10am-5pm Saturday (with an hour lunch at 1pm)
10am-4pm Sunday (with an hour lunch at 1pm)

The Center for Remembering & Sharing, NYC
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If you’re here right now, there’s a good chance that you have spent a lifetime fighting your own reflection. Hiding your own cracks — your fear, your shame, and your pain — behind a wall of armor. But what if you could finally look in the mirror and truly see yourself? What if you could take down the armor and fill your cracks with gold?

 Are you ready to discover what your body image issues are really about and finally learn what you can do to improve them?

You’re invited to a special in-person intensive, where we’ll spend two full days dedicated to healing your relationship with your body:

You’ll learn why you have body image issues in the first place and receive 5 steps to break apart any negative belief about yourself, big or small.


You’ll learn the importance of being authentic, speaking your truth, and creating boundaries and practice shifting your emotional and mental state using your own physicality.


You’ll discover how body image issues distract from the painful inner work, and learn my 3 step Armor Removal Method for shifting your outlook from shame, sadness, and anger to one of compassion and acceptance.

Why this workshop is a *Special Edition*:

Body image isn’t about your body. It’s always about something deeper, and for a variety of reasons that we will discuss during the workshop, it always reflects an imbalance between how much you identify with your external self versus how much you identify with your internal self.

In order to fully explore this imbalance, and help you start to reverse it, I invited licensed psychotherapist Suzanne Garrison to integrate a type of movement therapy called “Authentic Movement” into this special workshop.

It’s time to feel Seen: In this workshop, alongside my teachings, Suzanne will use guided Authentic Movement to understand how our bodies function as a container for all of our human experiences — and use movement to shake out the contents so we can decide, on our own terms, which experiences we want to put back in.

No experience with movement therapy? No worries!
Through Authentic Movement you will:

Close Your Eyes


Move Your Body


Be Seen

Moving your body can feel weird and vulnerable and scary. You will practice closing your eyes and tapping into your experiences in a safe and nonjudgmental space.

You don’t have to be a dancer to move your body in a meaningful way. You will get to know your own authentic movement and learn how to verbalize your experience.

You will feel witnessed — maybe for the first time. You’ll learn how to feel seen in your body and take that visibility back into the world with confidence and joy.

Meet your movement therapist:

Suzanne, MS, LCAT, BC-DMT, is a licensed and board-certified psychotherapist living and working in New York City. Following a childhood of being scrutinized in black leotards and pink tights, she embarked on a professional dance career, only to be told she was too tall for ballet companies. For the next ten years, Suzanne lived her childhood dream, dancing professionally in modern dance companies in Chicago and Atlanta. She was also miserable. While in Atlanta, Suzanne began teaching dance to underserved youth, using movement as a metaphor to develop communication skills and empathy. Inspired by the idea that dance and movement could be used in ways other than just making beautiful shapes, Suzanne became a dance/movement therapist and learned that her own body could be her best teacher. Steadfast in her belief that all bodies are inherently expressive and beautiful, Suzanne seeks to help clients develop positive relationships to their bodies, foster healthy and genuine relationships with others, and find a sense of ease and safety in the world. Suzanne is a seasoned lecturer and presenter, serving as adjunct faculty at the College of New Rochelle’s graduate art therapy program and facilitating workshops at various conferences and summits.

For more info on Suzanne, or Authentic movement, visit

What people are saying:

“I wanted to reach out to and say, once again, how inspiring and life affirming your workshop was in NYC a few weeks ago. You have such a wonderful way of making the abstract tangible and when we’re talking about shifting such a physical aspect of our lives, it’s crucial to embody the change.”

“The power to create a safe space in which 20 incredible women can open themselves up to one another, without pretense or judgement, and allow themselves to grow is a special gift that Jessi Kneeland possesses and so GENEROUSLY has decided to share with the world. If you aren’t following her, learning from her, idolizing her, worshiping her, get on it. This woman is a F***ing FORCE.”

“Thank you again for offering such a wonderful workshop this past Sunday. I felt understood, validated, empowered and supported. It’s hard to find the right words to describe the awesomeness of learning alongside such a great group of women. I hope you continue to do this work, as it is sorely needed and your teaching and experience is spot-on!”

“I’m once again broken open. So happily broken open.”


This special in-person workshop will focus on you, and go deeper than any online course or e- book ever will. This is your chance to get educated on what body image issues are really about, ask questions, make mistakes, share your truth, and learn and grow alongside a small group of women who, like you, are finally ready to do the work required to love, accept, and embrace themselves and their bodies.

Are you in?
Join me in NYC, on June 24th and 25th.

It’s time to break open, so you can break free:


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Is this workshop for me?

Yes, if you are ready to do the deep work of breaking open the old wounds so you can finally begin to heal.

This is NOT a workshop for people who are expecting to lose weight or learn new methods for dieting or intense exercise.

This IS a workshop for people who are ready to authentically and radically love their bodies now

You do NOT have to have a background in dance or movement. Come as you are, and be prepared to learn!

This day-long session is open to female-identified people only, who struggle with their body image, regardless of their size — because we all deserve to make peace with our bodies. We will learn how to work through trauma, cultural messages, and limiting beliefs in order to make more space for our own bodies, and the bodies of others, through healing.

What will I learn?

  • 7 reasons why you struggle with your body image (and how to cope with and work through each one)
  • How your unconscious defense mechanisms are triggered by your body image — and why that keeps us from living an embodied, empowered, and authentic life
  • The exclusive 3-step technique that I use one-on-one with my personal clients to help them break free from their body image issues
  • How to use Authentic Movement to feel seen, heard, and valid in the body that you have right now

    The first step toward healing is to take the first step.

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