Pre-Recorded Workshop:
How to Get Into Health/Fitness Without It Impacting Body Image



As we headed into 2022, diet culture and “new year, new YOU” propaganda were everywhere, and the urge to “eat clean,” detox,” or “get in shape” was higher than normal.

Meanwhile, my clients were just over here trying to leave all that shit behind, and accept themselves the way they are. They were trying to recognize that they’re worthy of love, no matter their size or shape. They were fighting to leave toxic diet culture and unrealistic beauty ideals behind. And they were working to believe that how they look is the least interesting and important thing about them.

Only the thing was… they also just went through two years of a global pandemic and their bodies didn’t feel very good.

  • Maybe they got winded easily, barely drank water, or relied heavily on comfort food to soothe their anxiety.
  • Maybe depression took grocery shopping and meal prep off the table and they got used to eating whatever’s easiest.
  • Maybe they drink or smoke a lot more than they used to, or move their bodies a lot less.
  • Maybe they felt heavy: body and soul.

They really wanted to feel better, but were scared that pursuing any kind of health or fitness goal would kick back up all their negative and disordered thoughts/feelings around food, weight, exercise, and body image.

After all, how do go about improving your health or fitness without falling back into body anxiety, obsession, negativity, and dysmorphia?

This online workshop was my solution! Recorded live, the workshop is now available for anyone to watch.

The details:

  • When you click the link to buy, you’ll receive an emailed receipt immediately, and an email with the link to the workshop sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account or credit/debit card within 20 minutes.
  • I had my video on (as did a few participants) but there are no visuals or slides. So you can just listen if you don’t want to watch!

In this workshop, I cover:

  • Re-defining health to include all of you: body, heart, and mind. (And also why I don’t use the word “healthy” anymore!)
  • Navigating how to set health and fitness goals without setting yourself up to focus more on (or feel bad about) how you look.
  • Five alternative directions for health goals that have nothing to do with your weight or how you look.
  • The importance of your health-promoting behaviors inspiring pleasure and joy. (And the importance of feeling worthy of good feelings!)
  • How to bullet-proof your body image as you experiment with new health-promoting habits and behaviors.

I want access to the pre-recorded workshop!

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