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Contrary to popular belief, loving your body has nothing to do with how your body looks.

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Body Image: Not Just About Your Body (TEDx Talk)

Check out my most recent TEDx talk on what body image is REALLY about.

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Authentic Body Confidence

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Starting February 19th:
How to feel safe, free, and sexy AF in your own skin.

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Private coaching

Work with me one-on-one! I offer various Skype and phone coaching session packages, so you can be coached by me anywhere in the world.

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About Jessi

Hi, I’m Jessi! I’m a body image coach, writer, & speaker on a mission to help women break free from body image issues, and finally learn to love their whole bodies unconditionally. Despite always having the kind of female body society says is “acceptable,” (ew) I spent decades feeling awful in my own skin. I was ashamed of my ‘imperfections” because I thought I was supposed to look perfect, I was afraid of the unwanted attention I got for being female, and I was constantly holding, posing, hiding, and monitoring my body. It was exhausting. Plus, I felt guilty for having body image issues in the first place. I mean, some people have “real” issues, right? Ugh. Those were some dark times. It wasn’t until I figured out what body image is really about that I was able to forgive myself for struggling, heal my relationship to my body, and finally love and embrace every part of myself– especially my so called “flaws!” 😉