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This blog’s primary purpose is not to make money.

In fact, it’s also not this blog’s secondary or tertiary purpose…

…Ok, I’ll be honest. I’m currently not making ANY money from this blog. But I might someday. And if/when that someday occurs, I will tell you about it here.

Because I want you to trust me, and know that when I discuss, link to, or recommend a product, page or person, it’s because I believe in that shit.

And that will always be true.

Jessi Kneeland is out to save women from their own negative body image.

I want to help you find confidence — in yourself and in your body — through fitness. I believe most people have no idea what they’re capable of, and when they find out, they can enter a whole new era of self-love. Finally you can feel empowered, and can feel the peace that comes with challenging your body, rising to the challenge, and succeeding. It’s time for the mean little voice in your head (you know the one) to SHUT UP. You can read more about me here.

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