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Who am I?

My name is Jessi. I’m a certified personal trainer, fitness expert, and blogger. I’m a NYC dweller, a lover of Scotch on the rocks, and I believe in the magic of birthdays and full moons. I rhyme often, I prefer savory to sweet, and I can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon than reading good fiction in the sunshine.

I’m tough, and sarcastic, and I’m afraid of elevator doors. I love deadlifting because it makes me feel like one of those little anime characters who power-up and then BURST into space! I love sprinting because it makes me feel like a cheetah. I use a lot of imagery, I’m a feminist, and I cry so easily it’s embarrassing.

I’m the creator of Remodel Fitness because it is my deepest wish that I may be able to help women everywhere harness the inherent power that they either don’t know is inside of them, or don’t feel they deserve to tap into.

It is incredibly empowering to put in the work and then actually see and feel the results in your body. It’s rewarding and astonishing to realize that you are stronger and better this week than you were last week. I use fitness to encourage a strong sense of self-worth, and foster body-positivity and self-acceptance along the way.

I want to help you achieve the body you deserve, while loving the body you have.

I want to create an army of women who feel empowered through fitness to dream bigger and live triumphantly, because I believe our world needs you.

What is Remodel Fitness?

It’s a site where women can find science-based information alongside body-positive inspiration.

It is a place where you love the way your clothes fit, you stop counting calories, and you’re not afraid to keep the lights on during sex.

It is a sisterhood, an attitude, and an honest attempt to start the conversations that need to be had about how we treat our bodies in this culture.

It will teach you how to get in shape, encourage you to fall in love with moving your body, and help you to embrace both your unique DNA and your untapped force of will.

It’s a place where women stop feeling guilty about food, we stop feeling shame about our bodies, and for God’s sake, we stop wasting time on the gym floor.

I want to help you feel vibrant and alive… with a killer body, a soaring libido, and enough confidence to make Kanye feel humble.

Let’s challenge how we look at fitness, upgrade how we interact with our own bodies, and adjust our mindset to work FOR us instead of against us.

Let’s create life-long, sustainable habits that help you feel AMAZING, and make maintaining the body you want EASY.

Lets start building the body, the life, and the confidence you deserve.

Let’s remodel fitness.


Jessi Kneeland is out to save women from their own negative body image.

I want to help you find confidence — in yourself and in your body — through fitness. I believe most people have no idea what they’re capable of, and when they find out, they can enter a whole new era of self-love. Finally you can feel empowered, and can feel the peace that comes with challenging your body, rising to the challenge, and succeeding. It’s time for the mean little voice in your head (you know the one) to SHUT UP. You can read more about me here.

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